Oceans We Make

Varsity VR went through and reviewed an experience called Oceans we make. Oceans we make is about bringing awareness to the amount of trash that has accumulated in the ocean over time. You are dropped into the water to explore the underwater environment and a disembodied voice names Kathy tells you to collect the trash accumulated around you by touching it. The narrator tells you about the sea animals and walks you through the directions on how to interact with the game elements. The experience is by Warrior9 Vr and was published on October 25, 2019. 

After going through the experience we interviewed a former science and Biology teacher Stuart Ray and asked him some questions about how he thinks it could be used in the classroom. He said he doesn’t think it would be relevant to use for a project but it would be a good lead-in or launch to keep students engaged. Mr. Ray said that he would have a small group of students do it instead of the whole class so they could have more intimate conversations/discussions. He also pointed out how the garbage was floating underwater instead of above the water where they usually would be. 

This experience is a fun and educational way to show students and just anyone, in general, the effects littering has on our environment and wildlife. After collecting the trash it compares how much u collected to how many pieces of trash are actually in the ocean showing how much damage we do to the environment and how hard it will be to fix.

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